beginner classes.


Fall is coming soon and the Knitting Needles are still clicking at Wool & Wicker!!!!

This Fall is the perfect time to try NEW things or to finish up those UFO’s that are just hanging out in your knitting closet.

Wool & Wicker is presenting a series of classes designed to satisfy the need to learn new things and finish up those almost dones. To register for any of the following classes or Workshops please call 604-275-1239 or drop in to the store at 120-12051 Second Ave. in Steveston.

Join us Tuesday evenings (7pm-9pm) for Beyond Beginners Knitting. This is a project based classes where you purchase your pattern and yarn from Wool & Wicker's awesome selection and Pat will  help you with through any challenges you may encounter. First Fall class starts Sept. 9th and runs 6 weeks (except the 1st Tuesday each month to allow people to attend West Coast Knitters Guild meetings) at a cost of $85 (not including supplies).

Tuesday afternoons (2pm – 4pm) beginning Sept. 9th we will be offering Colour Brioche Knitting. Brioche knitting gives a reversible, flat fabric, perfect for a scarf that is predominantly one colour on each side. You will learn: Italian cast on with 2 colours, 2 colour Brioche Stitch and the Sewn Bind Off. Yarn for this project available at Wool & Wicker. Cost of class is $85 (not including supplies) and will run 6 weeks.

Beginning July 5 (Saturday) from 3:30 – 5:30pm Wool & Wicker is offering The Brioche Tam. Join Pat for a 6 week class to knit the Windmill Tam.  In this class you will learn: making i-cord, working with double point needles, 2 colour Brioche stitch and a sewn bind off. Cost of the class is $85 (not including Supplies).

Do you live in fear of stitches dropping off your needles? Have you ever decided to start your project over because the needle came out and you couldn’t get the stitches back on? Can you recognize a knit stitch from a purl stitch? If any of these sound familiar then the Ooops! Class is for you. Join us on a Saturday in the fall 3:30pm – 5:30pm at Wool & Wicker for this workshop. We will make mistakes on purpose and then learn how to correct them!  Please bring to class: smooth texture Aran weight (18 sts = 4inches/10cm) yarn in a light colour, contrasting colour of Aran weight yarn, contrasting colour of Crochet Cotton, appropriate size needles for your yarn (5.0mm), crochet hook (about a 4.5mm), locking stitch markers, darning needle and a pen and notebook. Cost of this workshop is $25 (not including supplies).

Ready to make more mistakes? In a continuation of the Ooops!  knitting workshop we will make more mistakes on purpose in patterned knitting, and then learn how to correct them. Supplies as shown in the Ooops! class. Workshop runs Son aturday afternoon in the fall,  3:30pm – 5:30pm. Cost of Workshop $25 (not including supplies).

In & Out: Shaping your Knitting - Ever wanted to make that sweater but are unsure of how to get the proper shaping, then this workshop is for you. Learn increases (kf&b, m1, lifted increases, yo) and decreases (k2tog, ssk, and their purl equivalents) a Saturday afternoon in September 3:30pm – 5:30pm at Wool & Wicker. Cost of Workshop $25 (not including supplies).

Great Beginnings (and Endings) – Cast on and Bind Offs Learn the various types of Cast ons and bind offs and when to use them.  A Saturday afternoon in September 3:30pm – 5:30pm Cost of workshop $25(not including supplies).

The language of Knitting – How to Read a Pattern Ever find yourself reading and re-reading a pattern because it doesn’t make sense? Then this workshop will teach you the terminology and practical use of reading a pattern. A Saturday  afternoon in October 3:30pm – 5:30pm. Cost of Workshop $25 (not including supplies).

Read Any Good Knitting Lately? – How to Read Your Stitches Your knitting really does talk to you if only you understood the language. Here is your chance to learn that knitting skill. A Saturday afternoon in October 3:30pm – 5:30pm. Cost of Workshop $25 (not including supplies).

As a follow up to Crochet - A new Beginning we are offering Crochet - The Next Generation, a project based class starting Monday Sept. 8, 7:00pm – 9:00pm for 6 weeks. This is a project based class where you purchase your pattern and yarn from Wool & Wicker and Willina will be there to help with any challenges that arise. Cost of class is $85 (not including supplies).

Classes and Workshops fill up fast so if you are interested in any of the classes or workshops be sure to contact us right away and get your name on the list.

Please note:  We have classes ongoing, so if you don't see a start date for the class you would like to attend, please call the store and get your name on the list for the next class.  Just can't keep up to date with changing start dates! 


New Class with Pat
2 Colour Brioche Knitting – The BEBEB Scarf by Nancy Marchant
2 colour Brioche is popular right now. It gives a reversible, flat fabric perfect for a scarf, that is predominantly one colour on each side. Using a free pattern available on Ravelry, we will be knitting a worsted weight scarf in 2 colour Brioche stitch. In this 6-week class, as you knit your scarf, you will learn:
  • Italian cast on with 2 colours
  • 2 colour Brioche stitch
  • a sewn bind off
Skill level:
Adventurous beginners - you should be comfortable with knitting and purling.
Materials to bring:
  • 100g of worsted weight wool (not superwash), approx. 220 yd/201 m, each in 2 colours
  • 4 mm needles
  • The BEBEB scarf pattern available for free on Ravelry
  • the usual suspects: stitch markers, waste yarn for life lines, darning needle, scissors, notepaper, pencil

Classes will be on Saturday afternoons from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. The cost of the class is $85 for the 6-week session. Call the shop to sign up and place a deposit
Beginner Knitting class with Heather.  Sundays in 2014, at 10-12PM, Learn to knit with Heather with our yarn and borrowed needles, and then choose your project and yarn and knit your first project!  We have had students knit a coat in this class!  Yes you can!!  $85 for 6 weeks. Call now 604-275-1239 and get your name down for this class!

New Class!  BLAST THOSE UFOS!  Edita would like to help you finish your UFO'S!!  Unfinishing objects, for those who don't know.  Every knitter has at least one of these!  For whatever reason, we're stuck, it's boring, he's gone, hate the colour now, just a few of many stalling reasons we just can't seem to get it done.  Join other knitters and have fun concentrating on one project for this class and get help from the teacher as you whip along!  Or bring all your smaller UFO projects and finish a bunch of them!  Don't be shy!  We all get stuck sometimes, even me, who has knit for 50 years!  "What the heck does this mean? Oh, well, I will just start something else!"  We could do this Monday nights, 7-9PM, or Friday nights, 7-9PM.  $85 for 6 weeks, MIN. 5 STUDENTS, MAX. 8.  604-275-1239 

Edita's classes for Beyond Beginners will go Wed. night, 7-9PM, and Fri. morn., 10-12 noon, $85 for 6 weeks, choose your project and pattern here and get help throughout. This is a choose your own project class, you can learn to knit socks, fair isle, intarsia, entrelac, lace, or whatever you like, in our Beyond Beginner classes, so get your name and deposit in now to hold your place, Max 8 students. 604-275-1239

Toes up Socks on 1 Circular needle!  Like to knit socks but worried about Second Sock Syndrome?  Why not try knitting two socks at once?  Starting from the toe, we will knit up to a short-row heel, and finish off with the cuff.  Learn the Magic Loop method of knitting with one long circular needle.  If this sounds interesting to you, please join Pat for six weeks on Tuesdays afternoons from 3:30 to 5:30, or nights 7-9PM.  (Note there are no classes the first Tuesday of each month.)


Another New class added!!! By popular demand our wonderful teacher Pat Dyksterhuis will teach this Lace Shawl class.  We had an introduction to lace awhile back with Pat, and we have several students interested in taking the next step.  If you would like to join them, call the store (604-275-1239) and get your name on the list.  You will have the choice of knitting any of the 3 sizes and 4 yarn weights in Fiber Trends pattern S-2014 Flower Basket Lace Scarf and Shawls $8.00, as seen below.  The time will be Tuesday or Saturday afternoons 3:30-5:30.  4 weeks, $70.

Topics to be covered include:

-What is Lace?

-reading charts

-joining a new ball of yarn



You will need the following supplies

-your choice of yarn, preferably a solid or lightly heathered coloour

-needle sizes as suggested in the pattern

-darning needle, scissors, stitch markers, measuring tape

-waste yarn (crochet cotton, unwaxed dental floss, etc.)

-paper, pencil, pencil crayons

-blocking pins and/or wires


Toes up Socks on 1 Circular needle class 2!  Saturday afternoons at 3:30 - 5:30. 6 weeks @ $85  Materials list: Materials 100g sock or sock dk weight yarn, 40" circ 2.5 or 3.5, (try our new Addi Sock Rockets!) fine waste yarn for life lines (crochet cotton) darning needle, scissors, pencil and paper.

or take her

OOOPS KNITTING CLASS NUMBER 2!! Pat Dyksterhuis is going to do this class again as soon as we have enough students in 2014.  Get your name in now to firm your spot on the learning list! Class # limited to 10. $25.00/student, plus HST.  Call the store 604-275-1239 and get your name on the list.

 Ooops knitting!! Must know how to cast on, knit, purl and bind off. Minimum 5 students, maximum 10.

So you live in fear of stitches dropping off your needles? Have you ever decided to start your project from the beginning because the needle came out and you couldn't get the stitches back on? Have you ever discovered a purl stitch where there should have been a knit stitch several rows back and been forced to decide whether to leave it or start over? Can you recognize a knit stitch from a purl stitch? Fear no more! Join Pat Dyksterhuis for this class where we'll make mistakes on purpose, and then correct them. Learn what a knit stitch and purl stitch look like, learn to do life lines in your work.

You will need to bring:

cast on 25 stitches and knit in stocking stitch for 10 rows with smooth textured Aran weight (18st-4 inches/10cm) wool in a light colour

contrasting colour aran weight wool

contrasting colour crochet cotton

5m needles

4.5mm Crochet hook,

lock ring markers

darning needle

Beginner Crochet:   6 weeks, $85.  Have a fun class, and learn to crochet. You won’t believe what you can make in this class! Limit of 8 students so you get personal attention. We provide yarn and hooks to learn with, when you decide on 1st project, hooks are returned and yarn & hooks are purchased. You get a 10% discount on all purchases while in classes.  Get your name on the list for the next class. Get in touch with Diane, 275-1239

Advanced Crochet:  Tuesday nights, 7-9PM,  for 6 weeks, $85. Sign up now for classes starting in the fall 2014!  If you know the basics of crochet, you will want to learn advanced from Nel Demir.  She looks at a picture and can duplicate it off the top of her head.  If you have something that you want to duplicate, take this class from Nel, and she will show you how.  If you have an heirloom item that needs replacing, Nel can show you how.  If you can only follow the English or American written out patterns, and want to be able to read and follow the international standard symbols in Japanese and European crochet magazines, Nel can teach you those.  You may just want to learn new stitch patterns, you can learn those in this class, and put your samples together and make a throw, baby blanket, shawl, or whatever you would like to make with them.  If you are left handed, and thought you could not learn to crochet, learn from Nel.

basic knitting skills required (you can cast on, knit and purl).

For all of our classes yarns must be chosen here before class.  We try to keep the class fees as low as possible, and it all goes to pay our wonderful teachers and a class organizer.  Those students who bring their own yarn purchased elsewhere make it difficult for your wonderful shops to keep offering classes.

Intermediate Knitting: Our Intermediate teachers are both Nihon Vogue students!

With Pat Dyksterhuis. Saturday mornings, 10:30-12:30PM, and afternoons (space usually available) 1-3PM, $85 for 6  weeks.   Knit your choice of project. Challenge yourself beyond the basics. Pick a project which you think is above your ability, and grow beyond your wildest dreams! You will learn so much in this class, because you learn from what the others in class are doing as well. Call the store and sign up for the next or a later in year date.  These run most of the year.  Also:

Tues. nights 7 - 9PM, 2013 6 weeks.  $85.

With Edita Michalek

We now can also offer beginner or beyond beginner knitting with Edita Michalek on Friday mornings, 10-12, Friday nights 7-9PM, and Wednesday nights, 7-9PM. 6 weeks, $85.  Limit of 8 students, so you get personal attention. For Beginners, we provide yarn and needles for you to learn with, when you decide on first project, needles are returned and yarn and needles are purchased. Call us and get in a deposit to hold your place! Or, get your name on the list for the next class. 604-275-1239