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September 1st, 2021.  We have been waiting seems forever for the Addi Express Kingsize knitting machine produced in Germany, and we have finally started receiving some.  Get in touch 604-275-1239, or long distance, 1-877-966-5945,  if you would like one of these machines which you can observe in action at skacelknitting.com.

Make sure you come in and check out the shipment from Sirdar USA finally receiving several colours of Hayfield Bonus Aran 400g for your blanket knitting and the popular Blossom dk for baby and child blankets and clothing, and the wonderful Rowan Felted Tweed in 8 colours to add to our stock!

July 7/21

coming soon!


Admiral X Pro, From Schoppel, 420/100g, 75% GOTS Cerified New Wool, 25% biodegradable nylon


Alpaka Zauber, from Schoppel, 50% wool, 45% alpaca, 5% linen, 200m/100g, heathered gradient, slightly felted to prevent pilling, like many of their yarns


Zauberball Crazy Cotton Starke 4, Schoppel, 100% pure organic long stapled Greek Cotton, dk weight


Zitron Trekking, new self patterning colours coming.

New colours coming in Zauberwolle, Lace Ball 100 Zauberball 100, Reggae Ombre, Zauberball Crazy Starke 6, Edition 3, Gradient.

Image title

 May 18/2021.  Sudz dishcloth yarn just unpacked.  come on down!

May 26/2021.  Update...if you want a certain colour, better come in soon, we have sold at least 54 balls since arriving, and we ordered lots of colours that were back ordered.

New colours in Popcycle by Hikoo coming soon!  


Made with recycled plastic bottles, see story at jamescoxknits.com

We received today, April 14/21, lots of Hikoo Kenzie, some colours we haven't had before.  Don't miss seeing this wonderful yarn, you can make anything you want with it, including warm, wonderful socks.  Has become a favourite of local knitters.  Check out the pattern support for this yarn on Ravelry, lots of knitters out there have enjoyed it.  Will put up a picture once I get it put on shelves, or have a look at the shadecard on skacelknitting.com.

Made in Hikoo Kenzie, simple, easy knitting and a design that would please any male!  Design by Kyle Kunecke, "Emmett" on Ravelry, XL and long is 10 ballsThis colour is no longer, we have a medium grey in quantity, if it is your fave, but in stock are about 16 colours of this very popular yarn.  There are many great patterns for this yarn on Ravelry.  Don't miss out on it!




I used Wish denim #09 in the Tiny Owls shrug pattern "Forest & Frill".  Genius pattern, so easy and can be made in nearly any weight yarn.  If you don't crochet, be sure to learn how so you can make this lovely shrug and wear for warmth when you are dressed up, will accent any garment well.

Now available from Skacel, an addition to the wonderful line of Hikoo Sueno (Formerly Frog Tree Pediboo) merino, Bamboo and is a tweedy effect, starting with these colours.

And, a very textured Hikoo Bubble Tea, merino, acrylic and nylon.  Can't wait!  My current fave denimy look.  Started the cowl on right, will post a pic when done.  Twice as nice cowl in Hikoo Bubble tea, denim and Schoppel Zauberball Cotton Crazy.

WE ALSO HAVE STOCK OF COLOUR ADVENTURES DIA SOCK AND SWEET MERINO DK, JAMES BRETT MARBLE CHUNKY with 12 more colours coming,  Hayfield Bonus Aran with Wool (400g, 840m) of lovely blanket weight yarn) a ladies vest takes 1!  Punta Fuego in every colour new to us this 100% merino is produced in South America

Manos del Uruguay Franca in 3 gorgeous colours,menhir

AND Malabrigo CARACOL, HANDMAIDEN WISP, DONEGAL TWEED, PAPATYA CAKE, Papatya Batik, DROPS KID SILK, ROWAN FELTED TWEED, SIRDAR SNUGGLY DK AND CROFTER, Drops Baby Merino, HAYFIELD BLOSSOM DK, lots of ESTELLE SUDZ DISHCLOTH YARN, AND SOME NORO SOCK & LACE.  We have put together lots of kits for those of you who were lucky enough to get our gift certificates for Christmas. 

We also got more stock in the Punta Fuego, 100% merino, made in South America like the Malabrigo Rasta, but half the price!  We have also put together some great kits for your special people who knit their own.  Don't miss out seeing these either!  

We have all the Rowan Felted Tweed colours for this gorgeous Kaffe Fassett masterpiece cover of Vogue Knitting Late Winter 2020.  Order @ 604-275-1239 or tollfree long distance @ 1-877-966-5945.

We hope that shoppers are still interested in keeping their local businesses open, and that everyone who knits out there is not going to always order online.  This yarn shop owner loves to deal with customers and help them the best that I can, as a knitter of 60 years, and a yarn shop employee/owner for 38 years, I am addicted to your company!

You can see most of what we can supply you with at skacelknitting.com.  We can also ship any where for you!  We also have stock of colour adventures dia sock, James Brett Marble Chunky, Malabrigo Caracol, Handmaiden wisp, Donegal Tweed, Papatya Cake, drops Kid Silk and Baby Merino, Rowan Felted Tweed, Sirdar Snuggly dk and Crofter, Hayfield Blossom dk, Estelle Sudz Dishcloth Yarn, and some Noro Sock and Lace.

                       Image titleColour Adventures hand dyed in Vernon, Dia Sock yumminess!                

Our new shipment of Colour Adventures Dia Sock came in!  Use for socks, shawls, 420 meters makes a fab baby


Colours are Aegean Sea, Arabian Nights, Birch Tree, Blackberry, Bonfire, Celadon, Dawn, Dusk, Exotic bird, Fireworks, Fog, Frenchie, Garnets, Georgin, Intergalactic, Jeans, Magical, Nectarine, Northern Lights, Olive Grove, Raven, Sour Cherry, Spice, and Tiger's Eye. 

Image titleSchoppel Boots is back!  Cotton, wool and nylon, makes gorgeous socks

February 28. 2019.  Wow our postal service continues to amaze.  Talked to Colour Adventures folk at A Twist of Yarn in Vernon yesterday about our order, and arrived today.  One day from Vernon!  Too bad we can't hitch rides!  My little sister from Vernon stayed with us for last 3 days, tried to get her to let me teach her to knit, to no avail.  She did talk me into making her a jacket in the meantime.  I was thinking more of a hat!  I will try to get a pic of the new gorgeous handpaint yarns, Colour Adventures Dia Sock and Colour Adventures Sweet Merino dk.

January 16. 2019.  Happy New Year!  You will find the Handmaiden Angel Hair mixed in with lace weight yarns (over 50 of them) on our south wall.  We just received new stock of Malabrigo Rasta and Caracol.  Gorgeous!  Will try to post a picture for you to see.  Also 4 colours of the magic Colour changing yarn Hikoo Abracadabra.  There are over 500 projects on Ravelry from when we had it before, so you should find something you would love tto make!  So much fun for the little ones.  We also have the Addi Flexiflips in bamboo now! 

December 11, 2018.  We just received more Kid Mohair and silk, 5 colours to start, Black, charcoal and medium grey, and 2 long print of Garnstudio Drops Kid Silk, 210m, and at $10.95 for 25gm, a fabulous buy.  We have more Kid Mohair and nylon coming from Handmaiden, Angel Hair, lots of handpainted colour choices, plus some undyed skeins, also a great buy @ $15/skein of 50g, 400m.  We also have brought back some baby colours in Drops Baby  Merino for your knitting pleasure, and heirloom quality baby items at $6.95/50g and 175m.  Come on down!

November 14, 2018.  You may have heard that there were going to be big changes for our retail store.  We have been making decisions lately that had not been totally clarified until last week. 

1. We will be expanding our wholesale space in the store, and reducing our purchases of retail yarns other than the Skacel lines of Zitron, Schoppel and Hikoo. 

2. To help make room, we now have most of one of our long time (over 30 year) favourites, Noro yarns, including silk garden, kureopatora, kureyon, silk garden sock solo at 50% off until gone and all books and magazines as well.  Also on clearance we have some stock of Wool Factory XL, olive, black, blue and green, an extreme bulky you knit on a 20mm needle, see pic of natural colour hat we made with this pure wool on me about 9 sweeps of your mouse dial down the page from here. 

3. Hours and days open will remain the same in the New Year for now, we may make some changes depending on our options.

4. Personally, as owner/manager of our retail store, I will be freeing up some time to concentrate on growing our wholesale business along with husband Denis, and hope to travel more often with him to other shops and show them our wares.

5. You will find our capable staff here when I am not, Lorraine Matsuo, Carol Simpson will hold down the fort along with our daughter Monique, who runs the orders and shipping department.  If they can't answer your questions, I am almost always available by phone or text so don't hesitate to ask them to call me if need be.

6.  Classes will continue, and we will make a more comfortable area for them.

November 14/18  Yay!  We have stock of Addi FlexiFlips!  Get them while you can!  2mm, 2.25mm, 2.5mm, 2.75mm, 3mm, 3.25mm, 3.5mm and 3.75mm, 4mm, 4.5mm and 5mm.   We also have some Flexiflip Cases produced beautifully by Della Q.

Sept.22/18.  Schoppel Boots has arrived! OMG gorgeous, different colours from this Yarn artist in Germany

Image titleImage title
Image title

Remember, Purchasing Colour Adventures yarns helps support the surviving family of Elena Nodel, founder, genius pattern designer and chief dyer of this new family owned operation of Camella and Ryan Making, of A Twist of Yarn in Vernon, BC who carry on her Elena's heritage.  You will see these Canadian dyed yarns in our store in various weights as long as we are here at Wool & Wicker's retail store.

August 14/18 Coming soon!  bamboo flexiflips!

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Inspira Cowl pattern by graphica

Just kitting this amazing sweater with the Knitting Without Tears book free with purchase 4 Balls Zauberball Starke 6 in these colours, 2095 and 2136.  You will also need to download the Inspira pattern from Ravelry to use to make this amazing garment.  $151.80.

March 29/18.  Addi's new flexiflips have been flying out of the store across Canada every day.  If you don't like short circulars or double points for small projects, you will love these!  Keep running out, but today we have stock of 2mm, 2.25mm, 3mm, 3.25, 3.5 and 3.75mm and 5mm.  To see how they work, check out the video below!  OOOPS going fast!



February 14/2018.  ALL BOOKS AND MAGAZINES ARE 50% OFF, book titles we have are

children and charity knitting.

Itty-Bitty Hats, Itty-Bitty Nursery, Vintage Baby Knits, Knit the Christmas Story, Cottage Creations Babies & Bears Sweater, Celia's Blanket and More Projects for the Community and Still More Projects for the community, Sublime booklets 625, 658, 661, 676 678, 681, 685, 682, Knitting for Little Feet, Phoebe's Birthday, Rowan Story book for Little Knits, Rowan Mother & Baby book 19, Ella Rae Book 5, Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls, Hikoo Sock Puppets, Polo Child's Socks Collection, Katia books 56, 57, 4, Simple Knits for Little Cherubs, Purl the Little Knit Girl, Jean Greenhowe's Jiffy Knits, Homemade Fun,

Famous Knitwear designers

Nicky Epstein's Enchanting Collection, Knit to be Square, Color Style, Folk Style, , Pure Knits, Pints & Purls, Strick-ly Socks, The Sock Report, One Skein Wonders, Loop d Loop Crochet, Ori Ami Knits, Knitting with Peruvian Yarns, Handknit Romance, Yarns to Dye For, Nicky Epstein Knitting in Tuscany, Vogue Knitting Stitchtionary 3, color Knitting, 50 knitted Gifts for Year Round Giving, Warm Knits Cool Gifts, Quick Gifts to Wear, Knitting Little Luxuries, Custom Knits, Tweed, More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, Weekend Knitting, Knit Red, Reversible Knitting, Reversible Knits, Have You Any Wool? Knit Kimono Too, Freeform Style,  Knit Your Own Royal Wedding, Hattitude, The Alchemy of Color Knitting, Lost & Found, Lacy Little Knits, Mason Dixon Knitting,

Kim Hargreaves

Indigo, Heartfelt, Quirky, Scarlet,

Not to miss!

Botanical Knits, Malabrigo book 5 & 7, Westknits 4, Saturday Treat, Wrapped in Lace, Weekend Knits Vogue on the Go, Cables, Mittens, Hats, & Scarves Vogue on the go, Whimsical Little Knits 2 & 3, Personal Footprints, Slip Stitch Knitting, Boutique Knits, French Girl Knits, Rowan magazine 55 and 56, Classic Weekend, Book 8, Celtic Collection, Classic Knitted Vests, Fair Isle Knitting, The Art of Fair Isle Knitting, Knitting Nature, Simply Shetland 5, Knitting Without Tears, Rowan Alpaca Colour, Son of Stitch N Bitch, One Ball Knits Gifts, Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders, One Skein, Romantic Hand Knits, Mother Daughter Knits, Magpies, Homebodies, and Nomads, Knitting Nature, Knit Noro 1-2-3 Skeins, Welcome Home, Knitting With the Color Guys,many soft cover Noro booklets, Debbie Bliss magazines, and books Winter Essentials, The Charleston Collection, Fez, Number five, Simply Soft, Baby Cashmerino books #3 and 4, many Sublime booklets for adults and children, Vogue Knitting magazines, Knitwear/Knit/Purl, Interweave Knits, Knitscene magazines, Schoppel Magazines.

Addi's new flexiflips have been flying out of the store every day.  If you don't like short circulars or double points for small projects, you will love these!

April 5/18 Watch for the next MKAL with Michelle Hunter with the stunning Hikoo Concentric coming up, the mock up below shows you the colours changing, she will lead you through stitch pattern changes for this project.

November 9, 2017.  Just received Colour Adventures Dia Sock in the colours below!  Starting top, left to right, Pretty, Amethyst, Dusk, Inked, Celadon, Peppermints, bottom, left to right, Blackberry, Exotic Bird, Nectarine, Sunset.  423m/100g, $26 a skein.  Purchasing Colour Adventures yarns helps support the surviving family of Elena Nodel, founder, genius pattern designer and chief dyer of this new family owned operation of Camella and Ryan Making, of A Twist of Yarn in Vernon, BC who carry on her Elena's heritage.  You will see these Canadian dyed yarns in our store in various weights as long as we are here at Wool & Wicker's retail store.


Are you knitting for babies and children?  Boy, do we have yarn for you!  Just pricing a whole lot of Hayfield Blossom dk, Sirdar Baby Bamboo, Snuggly dk, Baby Crofter dk (knits Fair Isle automatically) , and Marble Chunky.  Get on over here and start your fall knitting, a good chill is in the air!

Knitscene Fall 2017 Digital Edition

We just got several of the best knitscene yet!  9, count them 9 of the best cardigans!


Ravelry: Woolly and Warmy Papatya Cake

Trying out Papatya cakes, 100% acrylic, 540m/150g $9.90 cake.  Why not?

August 2, 2017.  We have some new and exciting yarns coming for fall.  First 3 lines from www.skacelknitting.com, see colours there, under what's new.

From Hikoo

Alpaca Lace Light - 100g/1422m, 100% Baby Alpaca so scrumptious! @ $25.90

Cobasi Dk Tonal - 50g/130m, our amazing best seller sock yarn, cotton, Bamboo, silk and elastic nylon in a dk weight tonal @ $10.95

Concentric - 200g/406m, 4 strands of the alpaca Lace light is spun together to create a worsted weight dream of a gradient yarn.  See Omena (Ravelry pattern) sample below in small size made with 1 ball $59.00 (many of the garments made on Ravelry are using 700 - 1000m).

     Image title

Image title                                             

Check out the next KAL yarn with Michelle Purl Hunter in October!  Let me know what colour your would like so I can make sure to bring it in for you!  We have the buttons!

Super-Quick Alpaca - 200g/51m, 50/50 alpaca, acrylic, another knitted tube in a jumbo weight @ $37.95, see capelet/snood below 1 ball for this versatile project, pattern free with yarn purchase, five colours are here.

Image title

Image title

Super quick Alpaca capelet/cowl worn as Snood

Woodi - 50g/56m, chunky weight 53% Abaca pulp, (banana tree relative wood pulp) and 47% cotton, great for bags, hats, baskets. $9.95 

A limited edition handpaint Hikoo Sueno in five new luscious colours!  We have some stock!

From Schoppel

Bio Merinos - 50g/152m 95% Organic Patagonia Merino wool, 5% linen, gorgeous colours, sport weight, lovely to knit, see Cat Hat sample below, from Knit simple mag Holiday 2016, @ $12.60, beside that is Elena Nodel's On the Dot hat, from Ravelry, knit in Hikoo Trenzado, 1 ball each colour.  The colours are amazing!

Image title

Jeans Ball - 100g/406m, sock yarn 75% patagonia wool, 25% nylon, $22.75, working on store sample of Lace Poncho, along with Hikoo Sueno.

Reggae Melange - 50g/101m, can be knit as a bulky, prefelted Patagonia 100% wool to prevent pilling @12.40.

Zauberball Cotton - 100g/426m, sock weight 100% organic cotton, @ $25.90, on the Ravelry top 10 list of most popular new yarns, see my fingering weight version of Elena Nodel's Ruffled Summer Top with Spur of the Moment Ruffled Hat below. @ $25.00, less than 1 ball to make both dress and hat.

Image title

From Zitron

Feinheit - 100g/362m, sport/fingering weight 100% merino ultrafine wool 16 microns! Rivals cashmere in softness @ 37.95, see my started sample of Elena Nodel's Polarity Shawl shown below with this amazing new yarn and Schoppel Das Paar (matching sock yarn) below. see colours @ skacelknitting.com

Gesa & Flo - 25g/90m,  same quality wool as Feinheit, coloured beautifully in baby version, @ $12.50.

see shadecard @ skacelknitting.com under what's new

Yak - 100g/508m, 70% 16 micron merino blended with 30% yak, a wow lace yarn @ $45.50.  You have to feel this one!  Soft as the best quality cashmere!  Colours @ skacelknitting.com under what's new.

From Diamond Yarn - www.diamondyarn.ca

LX Wool Factory $29.95, 1 ball hat purl side, on 20mm needles, we also made 2 kid sized from 1 ballWe now have 1 colour in stock, at 50% off, in black..Image title

We also have lots of Sirdar Snuggly dk, baby bamboo and Baby Crofter dk, and the new Hayfield Baby Blossom dk, and more James Brett Marble Chunky.

June 14/17.  Just learned this morning that Elena passed away yesterday morning.  Her beautiful spirit will live on through her lovely daughter Maya, and her wonderful husband Peter, along with her legacy, Colour Adventures yarns and patterns, being carried on by another amazing family at Twist of Yarn in Vernon, owned by Camella and Ryan.  Part of the proceeds of the sales of the yarns will go to Elena's family.  We will continue to carry this line in the store for as long as our retail outlet is open.  Be sure to look for her last shipment to us when you visit the store, and watch for future orders to come. 

April 23/17  I got permission to post this comment all the way from Texas from Ravelry thread which perfectly expresses my feelings about the latest news from the gofundme responses from all over the world for our beloved Elena.  Please read, so inspiring!

by jkubricht posted

2 days ago

(Thursday, April 20), edited 2 days ago


Guys, I just have to share. My heart is broken for Elena and her battling this terrible cancer. BUT boy is my heart SO overjoyed and honored to be a part of such an incredibly giving and selfless group of people. My heart is touched to see so many people around the globe reaching out to help one of our own. I can’t think of any other group of people in the world to have each others backs more than us knitters/crocheters/Ravelers! You are all so inspiring and a breath of fresh air to see such unity and kindness being sent from every corner of the earth to share the love. I’m bawling my eyes out right now just thinking about how amazing and powerful we all are when we unite in one focus, to help Elena. Thank you for reassuring me, yet again, how beautiful life is and how thankful I am be a part of this. We love you Elena!

Image title

March 30th, just received from Elena, must be seen to be appreciated: 3 skeins of each colour

left to right: Colour Adventures Silky Merino light, 400m/100g, raven, blackberry, ballerina, garnets, chartreuse, bluebell, glacier, blue topaz, (2 left) mink (1 left), grape


Great news from Elena of Colour Adventures.  We have our order!  Colours are dwindling quickly! 

                                                                                                               speckles in Merino light 434 metres.115g superwash merino

Image title                                                                                             

Here is one version of her wonderful new pattern Polarity Shawl.  Very easy and quick. 18 - 20" deep, 75-80" wide, 400 yards main colour, 250-300 of contrast colour.  Possible yarn combos: 2 contrasting solids, solid + variegated, solid +speckle, solid+ mini gradient.We can kit this up in many different yarns and colours.  Come on down and let us help you pick out something wonderful for a gift!  We now have a sample made in the store, with sweet merino dk colours Japanese Maple and Tiger's Eye, and one third of a new fingering weight much like below in Zitron Feinheit solid and Schoppel Das Paar. 

Join Michelle “Knit Purl” Hunter as she leads us through an adorable baby sweater ... aptly named, "Adorable Ewe". Knit in our HiKoo® Simpliworsted yarn, this mystery project is brimming with essential sweater knitting skills - the perfect way to strengthen your abilities. According to Michelle, this sheep themed sweater is "too cute to miss".



Additional Awesome Ewe KAL details, forms, and rules, can be found on the skacel website.

Oh my so cute!!  Just have to cast on for this! 

Update, April 27th, just have the fronts to make, and put together.  What a great idea of Michelle to teach sweater knitting and intarsia on a small scale!  Love it!

Just came across this awesome garment on Ravelry, AkkuAlpin's Inspira Experience, Seamless Yoke Sweater, for which she used Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage system demonstrated in her book Knitting Without Tears, using 4 balls of the fabulous Zauberball Starke 6, 2 each of 2095 and 2136.  This goes into my must make pile!  The Inspira Cowl is such a great free pattern on Ravelry, and you can use any weight of yarn.  You can see my cowl further down the page

January 20, 2017.  New yarns in are Malabrigo Rios, colour 5 (Anniversario) Arroyos, (Chivas), white and black.  We have a new Super Extreme Bulky Yarn, XL Wool Factory, knit this on 25mm, or arm knit.  Pure Wool, 30m to 200 grams, we have off white, black, blue, green, grey and red.  Darn, just sold my natural hat sample.  Looked great on her!  Guess I have to make another!  One hour later, done!

Get so many comments on this cowl, 1 ball Schoppel Gradient and 3 colours of Hikoo Simpliworsted, 1 ball each.  Inspira cowl on Ravelry, free pattern, easy knit, 3 weights of yarn to choose from. Have a Zitron Kimono with Zitron Trilogy Inspira on the needles.  Thanks to Larissa (theviolinist) for the picture!

Malabrigo Arroyo #64, Chispas and #5, Anniverarios just arrived in Store. Gorgeous, superwash dk, 100 g/305m

Oct. 18/16.  The delayed trunk show has arrived!  See this week before it goes on the road!  See and feel the Ravet Blanket in simplicity, the old denim Blanket, the Building Blocks Blanket, the Cozy Blanket, the Evolution shawl that wowed us all in the Fiber Factor contest, as well as many other Skacel Designs.

Oct. 11/2016.  WOW!  Tomorrow afternoon we expect a trunk show from Skacel, including all kinds of ideas for Christmas and baby and child gift knitting.  Make sure to get in to see this treasury of samples before they go on the road again very soon!!  Blankets, shawls, slippers, hats, scarves and cowls included.  We also have many newly arrived fabulous sample sweaters, both winter and summer wear at 75% off the original value.  Don't miss this opportunity to check them out!

Hayfield Blossom Chunky has arrived, all 6 colours!  Check one out below.  See the sweet little flowers?


Berroco Millifiore has arrived, along with the sample shawl Kveta!  The cardi is Cilka.

Most of our new yarns are in now, we got Berroco Andean Mist, Boboli Lace and 2 new colours of Artisan.

Are you knitting for babies and children?  Boy, do we have yarn for you!  Just pricing a whole lot of Hayfield Baby Changes, Sirdar Baby Bamboo, Snuggly dk, Baby Crofter dk (knits Fair Isle automatically), and Tutti Frutti!  We have Prairie Wool coming very soon for your Native American sweaters, and new stock and colours of Debbie Bliss Roma and Roma Weave, Rowan Brushed Fleece, Malabrigo Rasta and Marble Chunky.  Get on over here and start your fall knitting, a good chill is in the air!


Rylie Hand Painted is in, based on the solid colour palette 


Ravelry: MinnieVolde's Blauer Hänfling

What's new at Wool & Wicker is Zitron Hanf Natur bicolor, a hemp/wool sock yarn that is perfect for this gorgeous lightweight cardi from Ravelry, "MinnieVolde's Blauer Hanfling" version of "East Coast Girl" by Veera Valimaki,  Check out all the colour choices below





Try this gorgeous 100% merino super bulky on a 25mm needle for about 14 stitches and 50 rows and join for a super 1 skein cowl!

formandfarbeCP01.jpgForme & Farbe

Below is the gorgeous Hikoo Merino Lace Light, made in Peru, 3 colours to start with, 1422m/100g skein!  $21.40


Ravelry: Ellistrickt's Sommer auf Magr2158, 2159, 2160, 2318 & 2319admiralcatprint2158.jpgadmiralcatprint2159.jpgadmiralcatprint2160.jpgadmiralcatprint2318.jpgadmiralcatprint2319.jpg

Ellistrickt's Sommer auf Magrathea in Admiral Cat Print 425m/100g, from Schoppel on Ravelry made into Magrathea by Martin Behm, 1 skein colour 2158 Barrakuda, imagine it in any of these unique colours

 We have these colours and more, on our second shipment!

New to us  are James Brett Marble Chunky, in 9 colours and 8 patterns covering all the bases, baby, ladies garments, men's, blankets

2                                             7                                        8                                          10                                        15

Image title

                                               This is our mermaid tail, made with 2 Marble Chunky,

45                                          61                                       64                                        65                                       pattern 023, 200g balls/341yds

MC45MC61MC64MC65JB023 Chunky Leaflet




go to skacelknitting.com to see the rest of the line, click on yarns, manufacturer is Zitron, scroll down to trekking.


Some new yarns we have coming from Skacel are Schoppel's Edition 3 150m, and 6 300m, 2 superwash extra fine merino blends in colours that remind of Zauberball Crazy, 50 gram balls in sport weight and lace weight, @ $15.50/ball, Schoppel's Admiral Cat Print, 425m/100g handpaint sock yarn, Zitron's Hanf Natur, a sock yarn blending Hemp with Wool, Zitron's Form & Farbe, 50m/100g super bulky extra fine merino superwash, a very poofy knit on big needles, Hikoo's Merino Lace Light, 1422m/100g, in 3 colours to start, natural, white and grey blend at a fabulous price of $19.90, and Schoppel's Reggae Print, 100m/50g, self patterning 100% pre felted merino.

April 20, 2016.  Knit the Cat 07 is in!


We have the magazine!  Translated and ready for you.  See the 29 projects on Ravelry, and see some pictures below of the garments you can make in Schoppel's yarns.




On left is Armelponcho Blaue Lagune Schoppel "6 Karat" merino/silk 600m/100g, colour 2235, this garment takes 4 skeins. Awesome colourway or what!  On the right is the new linen "El Linio" 100% linen 150m/50g from Schoppel, which we have in stock right now in 6 colours.  The gorgeous garment Leinenpulli Oversize takes 6-8 skeins of main colour and 2-3 of contrast.  On right is the Big Disk yarn creating the zebra like pattern "Tunic Move" with just 2 disks of 150g, 430m each, to make, colours as shown on right.  These patterns are designed by Anna Maria Busch and are shown on Ravelry already, but you need the book for the patterns.    Make sure to let us know if you want a copy!  and some more from this fabulous book.


April 7th, 2016.  It is raining Colour Adventures in here today!  We have the wonderful Sweet Merino dk in lots of sweater amounts now, including artichoke, chilly, dusk, spice, serendipity, midnight blues, octopus garden, rainy day and raven.  We have a gorgeous garment made in 4 of these colours with this yarn, from the KNIT.PURL FALL/WINTER 2015, THE ANNIE MODESITT GARTER RECTANGULAR JACKET,as pictured here from the magazine.  Got the mag, and same day had it put together and started.  Never happens to me.



Cute snail Hat, pattern free on ravelry, we have about 20 kits made up for an adult version of this incredibly easy but awesome hat in the store, with Schoppel's Reggae Ombre, a pre felted merino in many gorgeous colourways, get yours now while we have lots of colours to choose from! 

reggaeCP01.jpg               reggaeombreCP02.jpg            reggaeombreCP03.jpg           reggaeombreCP04.jpg


what's new 2.

April 3/15, currently updating our gallery, with prices to make or buy the garments.  Check it out!




New colours in Zitron Trekking! Plus there are 3 new Camouflage colours!


Amazing reception for these great newly designed double points from Skacel!  Flipstix!  Fabricated from high-grade aluminum, these colorful ultra-lightweight wonders feature dual tips (each needle features both a Turbo® tip and a Lace tip for added flexibility of use). A revolutionary design, FlipStix are available in 6 and 8 inch lengths, in US 0, 2.25mm, 1, 2.75mm, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.75, and 11.





Check out this Phoebe's Birthday Dress in Nuna.  Sample in store.



Here's to Your Health

The health benefits of knitting have gone viral (pardon our pun!). The Craft Yarn Council has spent the past year educating people about the link between stitching and health, and the media has taken note. Executive Director Mary Colucci shared some of her favorite articles with us:


Hikoo Zumie "Burton Bear Cowl" 18 month size, 1 skein.


what's new 3.

see new books below.

All books are on at 50% off!

Warm Earth by Yumiko Alexander 18 lovely knit & crochet designs

Lace One Skein Wonders

Knitting Workshop revised, by Elizabeth Zimmerman

60 Quick Baby Blankets

Sweet & Simple Baby Crochet - everything cutesy!

Crochet Celebrity Beanies book 2

Knit Celebrity Beanies Book 2

Michelle Purl Hunter's new Building Colour pattern booklet

Itty Bitty Toys

Phoebe's Birthday

Knitting More Circles around Socks

Malabrigo book 3, and 5

The Art of Knitted Lace

Crochet One Skein Wonders

Kids Knitting

Knitted Animal Hats

Knitted Fairies

Knitting Pattern Essentials

Loop D Loop Crochet

Men's Knits

The New Tunisian Crochet

Stahman's Shawls and Scarves

Victorian Lace Today

Whimsical Little Knits 1 2 & 3

Wrapped in Lace

the sock report

Hip knitting

One + one scarves, shawls and shrugs

Dreaming in Colour (Kaffe Fassett's autobiographical colour feast)

Knit red

one + one hats

Juju's loops

The knitter's handy book of top-down sweaters by Ann Budd

Cowl Girls

Noah's Knits

French Girls Knits Accessories

Finishing School

Little Red in the City

Big Foot Boutique - couldn't resist this reprisal of some fun booties, slippers for little ones from Annie's Attic

Fishermens Sweaters - Alice Starmore - paperback, a must for all traditional knitting knitter's! Fabulous collection of guernsey, fairisle and aran type sweaters for all ages.

Aran Knitting, YES!! Alice Starmore's book is back in print!! We have lots in now! Get your name in now for one, these are the books that have been for sale on line at $400 because of being in high demand and unavailable!!

Celtic Knits Alice Starmore

Charts for Color Knitting: New and Expanded by Alice Starmore

Knitted Wild Animals - I have knit the snake, the lion and the monkey from this one so far, very kid appealing

Stashbuster Knits, some great designs to use up leftovers

Wool Toys and Friends paperback

Boutique Knits

Itty Bitty Hats

Itty Bitty Nursery

Knit One Knit All

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding

Lacy Little Knits

Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders

Kim Hargreaves Vintage Designs to Knit

Wool Toys and Friends paperback

Helen Hamann's 2012 Calendar of Patterns 50% off

Knit One Knit All

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding

Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders

1, 2, 3, 4 Double ended hook crochet leaflet

Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet to help support our new crochet hook set linked to the Addi Click sets.  Be sure to check these out, there is an awesome Tunisian Crochet shawl done in Noro Silk Garden;

Child's Play from Simply Knitting,

Fabulous Felted Bags from Nickey Epstein again,

The Great North American Afghan,

Loop-d-Loop Lace, what a variety! another hardcover by Teva Durham, more than 30 novel lace designs, covering many bases with her yarn and garment choices, from hemp to shetland jumper weight, from socks and belt to a gorgeous donegal tweed skirt;

Knitting with Peruvian Yarns,

Modular KNits in softcover;

Lacy Knits

Knit Great Basics - Vickie Square

The Knit Stitch - I think the #1 book for beginner knitters to knit great projects beyond the simple garter stitch scarf, includes very clear instructions and tips for perfect finishing, etc. - Sally Melville

One Skein

Knit Kimono 2 also includes DVD

More Last Minute Knitted Gifts

Dolce Handknits

Knitting It Old School

Wrapped In Lace

Introduction to making cloth dolls

Vampire Knits

Warm knits, Cool Gifts

1000 Fabulous Knit Hats,

 Custom Knits,

 Design it, Knit it: Babies,

 Homemade fun,

 Knitwear Design Workshop,

 Mason Dixon Knitting,

 One Ball Knits Gifts,

 Socks a la Carte 2,

Crocheted Gifts: Irresistible Projects

Truly Terribly Horrible Sweater that Grandma Made

Hattitude: Knits for every Mood

Destination Alchemy

Alchemy of color knitting

Alchemy Lost and Found

Knitting in the Sun

Breeze by Kim Hargreaves

Nicky Epstein Knitting in Tuscany

Pursenalities and Pursenalities Plus

Vintage Baby Knits

101 Designer One Skein Wonders back in

The Knitter's Manual

Debbie Bliss Baby & Toddler Knits

Iris Schreier's Reversible Knits

Mother Daughter Knits: 30 Designs - Melville and daughter

Pints and Purls

Shetland Lace - original designs from Jamieson & Smith

Aran Knit - Japanese

Fiber Gathering

French Girl Knits - back in - don't miss this one, I would make almost everything in this book!

Magic Loop

Pipsqueak Knits

Romantic Handknits

Rowan Junior

Sensual Crochet

Simply Shetland #5

Knitted Gifts: Irresistible Projects to Make & Give

Natural Nursery Knits

Big Girl Knits soft cover

Cowl Girls,

custom Fit Knit Jackets: Casual to Couture,

Finishing School: a Master Class for Knitters, by Debbie Bliss,

Knitted Dinosaurs,

Weekend Hats: 25 Knitted Caps, Berets, Cloche

Personal Footprints - Cat Bordhi